let's be friends

2014-02-13 01:20:56 by jellyrolled

find me on the interweb

hey y'alls, i'm making it a point to make more internet buddies so if you wanna add me/follow/message me on any of those things in the link hell yeah hmu

i like to talk about food, anime, pokemon, mlp, cartoons, comedy, and art. sooo uhh yeah!! ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ

steven universe!

2013-11-05 01:10:38 by jellyrolled

i wanted to gush and gush about how much I loved little steven and his gal pals, but tbh i'm so sleepy right now i can't think completely straight. all i remember is steven is a cutie-patootie and i'm in love with the relationship all the characters have with each other.

what did you guys think of steven?

steven universe!

pokemon xy

2013-10-21 00:57:51 by jellyrolled

so what y'all think so far?
i finally got around to beating the pokemon league and it wasn't so hard, but then agian my team is pretty well rounded.
maybe i should check on animal crossing....MY POOR TOWN


*head explodes*


2013-08-14 00:51:02 by jellyrolled

I mean nibs oops.

I am kinda freakin out the nib on my tablet pen is wearing down incredibly fast.
I cannot find the wacom box.

it is only a matter of time...

bitch it aint flyin'

2013-08-06 11:24:10 by jellyrolled

I don't generally like children at all.
Babies are disgusting.
Toddlers are filthy little assholes.
and pre-teens are iffy.

my little cousins are staying at my house and just...like I care about them and stuff just...crumbs in my bed are fucking horrible, and I see one more hand go near my ponies, or arpakasso or 3DS someone is gonna loose fingers.

fucking ugh

Ew, august? disgustin.

2013-08-01 06:52:29 by jellyrolled

I am not ready for my summer vacation to end, not by any means whatsoever.
The only thing I am excited about is that this is my senior year which is the easiest apparently (bet you it's not.) and I FINALLY get ap art. I was suppose to get into it last year but I had to drop my art entirely which was horrible.

It's probably just because it's chicago but the weather has been really chilly and I hope summer quickly transitions into fall because I recently bought a bunch of cute layered clothes/sweaters whatever and that'll be awesome.

I need to be a lot less lazy with my art, and being in ap art this year we get quotas of what we need to fufill and we get actually critique from other experienced artists at school instead of just having an art class with a bunch of dicks who want an easy A.

ahhh none the less I hate august.

Hello there! It's great to be here. When I was younger, I loved deviantart, and it's pretty much turned to shit since I've tried to go back. It's all pony bases, and animu traces, I love how here art is filtered. Also, everyone is so talented, and when I'm not browsing I can play games or something rad like that.

Something about me is, I love pokemon, cute nurses <3 , my little pony, gore, jelly-lookin' art, and video games. I got new leaf the day it came out if you wanna play with me. When I'm not drawing, I'm with my boyfriend, he's a good kiddo. Uhm, I like collecting toys and stuffed animals...There's not really a lot to me. I'm more interested in all of you anyway, so that's fine.

I'm just excited with everything, I'll have to make some more art to post soon. Don't be afraid to say hello!