Entry #1

Happy 4th? Also an offical hello from me.

2013-07-05 01:04:18 by jellyrolled

Hello there! It's great to be here. When I was younger, I loved deviantart, and it's pretty much turned to shit since I've tried to go back. It's all pony bases, and animu traces, I love how here art is filtered. Also, everyone is so talented, and when I'm not browsing I can play games or something rad like that.

Something about me is, I love pokemon, cute nurses <3 , my little pony, gore, jelly-lookin' art, and video games. I got new leaf the day it came out if you wanna play with me. When I'm not drawing, I'm with my boyfriend, he's a good kiddo. Uhm, I like collecting toys and stuffed animals...There's not really a lot to me. I'm more interested in all of you anyway, so that's fine.

I'm just excited with everything, I'll have to make some more art to post soon. Don't be afraid to say hello!


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