steven universe!

2013-11-05 01:10:38 by jellyrolled

i wanted to gush and gush about how much I loved little steven and his gal pals, but tbh i'm so sleepy right now i can't think completely straight. all i remember is steven is a cutie-patootie and i'm in love with the relationship all the characters have with each other.

what did you guys think of steven?

steven universe!


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2013-11-05 01:14:37

fuck i knew i missed something today

jellyrolled responds:

I can't believe i remmebered to watch, honestly.
but but it was worth it. go go watch!


2013-11-05 01:14:39



2013-11-05 10:30:55

No idea who what when where.

jellyrolled responds:



2013-11-05 11:28:21

Haha! I got home from school at the same time it came on. It was just on so I watched it. And I'll be honest I think it'll be a pretty dope series. I wanna see what the kid's weapon is...probably not till like the season finale or something. But I like it I might keep up with the series.

"If every porkchop were perfect..."

jellyrolled responds:

That quote was adorable!
Tbh, I didn't think I was going to like it at all, I loved the art style but I didn't think the humor would be half as cute/great as it is.

I hope to keep up with the series too, it's just lovely.


2013-11-06 08:54:08

Haha, that's probably the best fat person motto I've ever heard, idk it was kinda cheezy too...So I watched it again, and actually payed attention this time...And turns out they did show his weapon, which is a shield, and I'm like "Oh shit, it's a little fucking Captain America." And I saw you do some fan art of Amethyst, which is cool btw. But uh, you should draw Steven in a Captain America suit with Steven's shield, I'll be your best friend if you do that even though you're a stranger, but that'll be kinda funny...I don't have enough time to do my own goddamn drawings cause of school... =_=